Andrew Stones - Harmiumm. Digital album cover art 2022.

Andrew Stones - Harmiumm




Digital Album
Released 30 May 2022

Salmon Songs

1. Harmiumm 03:59  
2. No-Mercy Wet Market 02:18  
3. The Toil 03:24  
4. Bullingdon Death Clause in Plain Bob Minor 05:12  
5. Scouring Float 05:21  
6. Three-Bell Hill 03:33  
7. Riddle Me Harmiumm 04:57  
8. Storm Tail 05:00  

Harmiumm, album: sample sources:

Tr 2. No Mercy Wet Market
Birds, animals, machines, multiple locations 1986-2015: artist's field recordings.
Tr 3. The Toil

- "Most people get pneumonia..." Dr. Roberto Cosentini, Bergamo, Italy: report, Stuart Ramsay, Sky News, 11-09-2020.
- Italian-English words: synthesised voices, Google Translate.
- "What I would suggest is just shut down..." Dr. Lorenzo Grazioli, Bergamo, Italy: Stuart Ramsay report, Sky News, 11-09-2020.
- "We are close to collapse..." unnamed Italian doctor, Milan: report, Mark Lowen, Newsday, BBC Radio 4, 10-03-2020.
- Mountain valley stream, church bells, northern Italy 1987: artist's field recordings.

Tr 4. Bullingdon Death Clause in Plain Bob Minor

- Pigeons, empty factory, Carlow, Ireland, 2005: artist's field recordings.
- Public speech: UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Greenwich, 03-02-2020.
- Speech and shouts by House Whip 'Rowntree', played by Robert Swann: from 'If....' feature film, directed by Lindsay Anderson, 1968.

Tr 5. Scouring Float

- 'Clap for Carers' public appreciation for NHS workers, multiple occasions during COVID-19 pandemic, Sheffield, UK, April 2020: artist's field recordings.
- Children and crowds, fire and flame, helicopter, stones, multiple locations 1985-2015: artist's field recordings.

Tr 6. Three-Bell Hill

- Re. links between government and organised crime: Tuesday Reitano, guest, 'Thinking Allowed' BBC Radio 4, 03-09-2021.
- Re. the seasteading movement; the super rich: Douglas Rushkoff, in 'The Coming Storm' BBC Radio 4, 26-02-2022.

Tr 8. Storm Tail

- City rain, Sheffield, UK, 1988, 1994, 2019: artist's field recordings.