Andrew Stones - In a Hotel At Night. Digital album cover art 2021.

Andrew Stones - In a Hotel at Night:
Music for Four Rooms and a Stairway




Digital Album
Released 16 August 2021

Salmon Songs

1. In a Hotel at Night, from Cellar to Sky 13:22  
2. Escalera, up and down 03:37  
3. Der Keller 02:31  
4. Kitchen and Dining 03:08  
5. Boudoir, with city view 02:59  
6. Camera alta, open to sky 04:03  
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Mixes from a multi-channel musical installation for playback in four separate rooms, on consecutive floors, connected by a stairway.

The installation is for a publicly-accessible building, but was developed during a period of COVID-19 lockdown (2020-21). The version created for this album centres on the idea of a hotel, depopulated due to a hiatus in social activity.

Interlocking rhythmic loops emanate from the bottom and top of a stairway connecting four levels. In one room on each level a discrete musical loop plays, audible in relative isolation at the centre of the room, but also bleeding into the stairway. The overall sound in the building increases and decreases in density, bound by a constant pulse. Individual parts circle around each other without falling into a set relationship or coming to rest.

In installation, the visitor mixes the work subjectively by moving around the building. The track In a Hotel at Night, from Cellar to Sky simulates a traverse up the building, taking in all five spaces.

Andrew Stones - A Copter In Close. Digital single cover art 2020.

Andrew Stones - A Copter In Close




Digital Single
Released 25 Mar 2020

Salmon Songs SS004-ASDS

1. A Copter In Close 6:15  
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A Copter In Close is inspired by the sensation of flying in a small helicopter, or watching a helicopter pass whilst remaining "tied to the ground".

Based on a repeating rhythmic motif made with feathers, and taken up by piano, drums, and other percussion. Overlayered with a chorus of doppler-shifted metal horns, organ pipes and bagpipe reeds.

The title is from the apocalyptic spoken-word piece ‘The Thousandth And Tenth Day Of The Human Totem Pole’ by Captain Beefheart:

[...] The pole was a horrible looking thing / With all of those eyes and ears / And waving hands for balance / There was no way to get a copter in close / So everybody was starving together [...]

(Extract © Don Van Vliet 1982)

Andrew Stones - Metal Times. Digital single cover art 2020.

Andrew Stones - Metal Times




Digital Single
Released 26 Feb 2020

Salmon Songs SS003-ASDS

1. Metal Times 10:15  
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Metal Times is made using only metal objects, both manually played and mechanically actuated. A percussive array (dicing time into myriad segments) gradually gives way to a chorus of continuously-shifting metallic drones, (seeming not to mark time at all).

Composed as one extended transition, the work presents a sound field in which intricate details are gradually subsumed, suggestive of compound structures breaking down into more elemental matter.