Andrew Stones - A Copter In Close. Digital Single cover art 2020
Andrew Stones - A Copter In Close     
Digital Single
Released 25 Mar 2020

Salmon Songs SS004-ASDS
1. A Copter In Close 6:15  
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A Copter In Close is made with piano, drums, feathers, metal washers, metal horns and bagpipe reeds. It is intended to suggest the sensations of flying in a small helicopter, or the feelings associated with the passing of such a craft (in some unspecified circumstance).

The title is from the apocalyptic spoken-word piece ‘The Thousandth And Tenth Day Of The Human Totem Pole’ by Captain Beefheart:

[...] The pole was a horrible looking thing / With all of those eyes and ears / And waving hands for balance / There was no way to get a copter in close / So everybody was starving together [...]

(Extract © Don Van Vliet 1982)
Andrew Stones - Metal Times. Digital Single cover art 2020
Andrew Stones - Metal Times     
Digital Single
Released 26 Feb 2020

Salmon Songs SS003-ASDS
1. Metal Times 10:15  
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Metal Times is made using only metal objects as sound sources. The structure follows the idea of compound materials mutating and separating, like melting metal, into their elemental states; or the image of a world of intricate detail subsiding into formlessness.
Mister Salmon Cries Out - Digital EP cover art 2020
Mister Salmon Cries Out     
Digital EP
Released 30 Jan 2020

Salmon Songs SS02-MSDEP
1. Curlew 03:06  
2. Men and Mice 01:52  
3. Nature Trail 02:05  
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Mister Salmon Cries Out: Two ballads for the anthropocene, about projecting ideas onto the natural world, even as human over-reach is being reappraised. One tune about being a small creature among big creatures.
Mister Salmon Yorkshirama - Album cover art 2010/2020
Mister Salmon Yorkshirama     
CD Album
Released Jan 2010

Salmon Songs
1. Yorkshirama! 05:08  
2. Stay Out 03:59  
3. The Boy with the Big Dad 03:37  
4. "Kes" of the Motorways 02:44  
5. Wheel in the Tower 04:50  
6. In the Black Fields 04:23  
7. Sheffield Philharmonic 03:50  
8. Gardeners' Questiontime 04:33  
9. My Frozen Town 03:53  
10. Clouds Rise, Open Skies 03:54  
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Mister Salmon …in Yorkshirama is a synthesis of soundtrack and song, structured like a biographical movie in ten scenes. The album is based on recollections of northern Britain in the 1970s and 80s, but remains ambivalent about the idea of “belonging” to a particular place.